Success does not usually exist in the form of a random stroke of luck or being born into wealth. Much of what makes people highly successful financially and professionally relies on building certain habits, and adjusting them to fit your needs and wants as a unique person.

Learning what these habits are and how to employ them in your own life are the first steps on the journey towards a successful, fulfilling life. Read them below: 


This means planning ahead, setting up a routine that works for you & figuring out your priorities. Sundays are a particularly good day to organize your upcoming week and divide up desired tasks and goals.


Exercise can act as an antidepressant, improving your mood and performance along the way. Stuck in a work slump? Do some yoga or go on a bike ride to refresh. Exercise can be personalized to fit your favourite activities, just make sure it’s part of your daily or weekly routine.


This point seems straightforward, but many people believe success comes with countless sleepless nights. Wrong! Successful people know that to get the best out of their performance and to ensure their brain can function at its fastest and clearest, they need adequate rest!


If you have not picked up a book since your high school English class, this one’s for you. While it’s important to also read for pleasure, make it a habit to read whatever you can as a means to gain knowledge & insight. Whatever it is you’re striving towards, chances are there is a book or article out there talking about it.


A positive attitude is not just a result of being successful – it is one of the root causes of success. This means being grateful for your connections, wins and losses and giving yourself positive self-talk under any and all circumstances – even if no one else is applauding your progress. 

We hope you are able to learn and implement a few of these habits into your routines, and reach the potential you have always dreamed of. Darman Foundation is rooting for you!

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