Revive islamic Spirit 2019

Darman Foundation is honored to be part of RIS 2019

Uyghur islamic history month 2019

Darman Foundation is proud to be part of Uyghur Islamic History Month 2019 @ IIT

Muslimfest 2019

Darman Foundation is proud to be part of MuslimFest 2019

Eid Celebration 2019

Darman Foundation is proud to be part of OUMA Eid celebrations

Fundraising Dinner

Darman Foundation sincerely thanks everyone for joining us at our first annual Fundraising Iftar Dinner and making it a success. As well as ICNA Relief for their partnership and Sayed Khadija Centre for their continuous support. Special thanks to our Guest Speakers Dr Aliya Khan, Michael Lublin, Sheikh Alaa Elsayed, Sheikh Abu Nouman Tarek and Our Volunteers for their contributions.

Through this event we raised awareness about the on going oppressions against Uyghurs in East Turkistan and raise funds for the needy.

Many Uyghurs around the world like us Uyghur-Canadians have family members back home who are held indefinitely against their will in concentration camps with more than 3 million other detainees. This humanitarian crises has left us voiceless and helpless as we continuously fear for their safety and well-being.

As there is no means for us to help our loved ones directly back home, we can take a stand and help the hapless orphans and Uyghurs around the world.

Darman Foundation’s mission is to help alleviate the sufferings of Uyghur refugees, orphans, widows, students and families facing difficulties. Our projects also offer settlement services for newcomers to Canada such as helping them find work, school, and housing.

Thanks again to all those who were present and have been supporting the Uyghurs plight. We humbly request you to support our cause continuously.