Sponsor Uyghur Orphans and Families

Provide financial assistance to needy orphans and families. We offer them help with their basic life necessities such as food, shelter, education and clothing.

Darman Foundation in partnership with ICNA Relief Canada is supporting 50 Orphans with 50$ a month and 30 Families with 150$ a month

Canada wide Covid-19 Relief

We are providing relief packages for the needy Canadians to cope with Covid-19 pandemic. These relief packages can be essential groceries, hygiene products, etc and could be financial help also depending on the circumstances.

If you require assistance please fill the form below

Covid-19 Relief Application Form

Darman Scholarship

We collect funds through your generous donations to alleviate the suffering of Uyghur students whose parents are victims of the ongoing genocide and help them continue their studies.

We are currently financially supporting 30 Student in Turkey with 100$ a month

Covid-19 Relief for Uyghurs in Turkey

With this recent Covid-19 pandemic the need for relief has greatly increased for Uyghurs in Turkey that is why we need your support in these dark days to help the needy. With this campaign we are hoping to help 200 families with their basic life necessities. 

Settelment services to Uyghur Refugees and immigrants in Canada

Help newcomers to Canada with finding affordable housing, register for school, apply for work permit, prepare resume, find a job, apply for a phone number and apply for health care card

If you require our assistance fill the from below.
Darman Settlement Services

Preserve Uyghur Language and culture through education and events

Darman Foundation has many events throughout the year to display Uyghur Culture and Traditions.  As well we have programs to help teach Uyghur language to children and youth.

MuslimFest 2019

Uyghur Islamic History Month 

Eid Celebration 2019

Iftar Dinner