What Can You Do?
Raise Awarness

Let friends and family know about the ongoing genocide towards Uyghurs


Volunteer at our events and programs

Please fill the volunteer form (Darman Volunteer’s Form)


Please donate to make a difference in the life of an Uyghur orphan, student, family and even a community. Through your generous donations we have been able to sponsor 50 orphans, 30 student and 30 families monthly with their basic life necessities. As well we have been able to help many Uyghur language schools and needy families. After our recent visit to Turkey we have identified many areas we can help more effectively with your donations;

Sponsor a school bus for an Uyghur language school in Turkey

A school bus will facilitate their education

Sponsor a full functional kitchen for a school with orphans 

Current School Kitchen

Sponsor books for library in an Uyghur Language school in Turkey

Empower Uyghur students by providing them with many more beneficial books

Donate to help us Empower the hapless Orphans and Uyghurs.